South Cumbria: An Overview

Current Status

Before we can identify where to focus our efforts across South Cumbria it is important to understand the current status of our area. Therefore we often look to the Water Framework Directive, which is currently the main way for classifying the health of our catchments. This directive commits European Union member states to achieve ‘good status’ for a number of factors. These factors are currently monitored by the Environment Agency at a waterbody level (sub-catchment). We can then use these classifications to begin to pinpoint where to focus our work.

Percentage of waterbodies in South Cumbria under each WFD classification (2016)

57% of waterbodies are failing to meet the required status.

However, the Water Framework Directive isn’t the only way of classifying and understanding our catchments. The Becks to Bay partnership have collated a wide range of information shown on the catchment maps. To help you access this we have divided it into the seven main themes of our plan. This also allows us to target areas failing for specific factors and to identify areas which may support a project delivering multiple themes.

Please take a look at the catchment maps or click here to find out more information on the current status and the projects we are undertaking.