Becks to Bay

WELCOME TO BECKS TO BAYSouth Cumbria’s Catchment Partnership:        Working together to protect and enhance the environment of South Cumbria

Latest News

Riverfly Training 15th May 2018 by Jayne Wilkinson

Many thanks to all our volunteers who came along at the weekend for a days riverfly training. It was great to see lots of new…

Save our Soils 25th April 2018 by Jayne Wilkinson

Soil is currently being destroyed 10 times faster than it is being created. This is not only putting the farming sector at risk and costing England &…

Barrows Beautiful Places 2nd March 2018 by Jayne Wilkinson

Join South Cumbria Rivers Trust and a number of other partners at the Barrow’s Beautiful Places event on Saturday 24th March. This is your…

rivers, becks and lakes connect areas, people and nature together