Becks to Bay

WELCOME TO BECKS TO BAYSouth Cumbria’s Catchment Partnership:        Working together to protect and enhance the environment of South Cumbria

Latest News

It’s Survey Season! 2nd September 2019 by Jayne Wilkinson

Electrofishing Through-out summer (July to September), South Cumbria Rivers Trust have been, and continue, to undertake fish surveys. This is a fascinating way to learn…

Fight the Aliens – Round 2! 13th August 2019 by Jayne Wilkinson

South Cumbria Rivers Trust (SCRT) and Friends of the Lake District have been working together to co-ordinate a ‘fight the aliens’ project. In July huge…

Revealing the Riverfly Results 17th July 2019 by Jayne Wilkinson

Our new riverfly system for South Cumbria Rivers Trust and Becks to Bay is here! Head on over to South Cumbria Rivers Trust’s website …

rivers, becks and lakes connect areas, people and nature together