Becks to Bay

WELCOME TO BECKS TO BAYSouth Cumbria’s Catchment Partnership:        Working together to protect and enhance the environment of South Cumbria

Latest News

World Worm Week 27th March 2019 by Jayne Wilkinson

It’s #WorldWormWeek! Running from 23rd – 31st March 2019, Dr Jackie Stroud of Rothamsted is inviting farmers to take part in a big farmland soil assessment…

New Research on the Critically Endangered European Eel 21st February 2019 by Jayne Wilkinson

European Eels have experienced huge declines in the past 20 years and are now classed as Critically Endangered. They have a fascinating life-cycle travelling between freshwater…

CSFP Independent Chair 12th February 2019 by Jayne Wilkinson

In 2017 a new Cumbria Strategic Flood Partnership was formed, bringing together the flood risk management authorities, including the Environment Agency, Cumbria County Council, District Councils…

rivers, becks and lakes connect areas, people and nature together