Becks to Bay

WELCOME TO BECKS TO BAYSouth Cumbria’s Catchment Partnership:        Working together to protect and enhance the environment of South Cumbria

Latest News

Wildlife Sightings 9th May 2017 by Jayne Wilkinson

Wildlife Sightings Whilst we are working hard to improve habitat for our native wildlife and there is still a way to go, it can’t…

Partnership Success 28th April 2017 by Jayne Wilkinson

For a number of years now we have been part of the Cumbria River Restoration Strategy partnership, progressing the re-naturalisation of our local rivers. In…

Becks to Bay goes live! 2nd April 2017 by Jayne Wilkinson

Welcome to Becks to Bay! We are your local catchment partnership for South Cumbria. Since summer 2015 we have been working together to build a partnership…

rivers, becks and lakes connect areas, people and nature together