River Bela: Main Issues

Physical Modifications

  • Killington Reservoir feeds much of the system impacting on flow dynamics
  • Large sections of the River Bela have embankments, disconnecting the river from its floodplain
  • The main river has been dredged significantly in the past, consequently it is over-deep with little variation

Flooding and Drought

  • The settlements of Beetham and Milnthorpe have been affected by flooding in recent years, particularly during the devastating floods of December 2015.

Invasive Non-Native Species

  • Himalayan Balsam is prevalent throughout the catchment
  • Japanese Knotweed is also present in the upper catchment.
  • Native White clawed crayfish are present within the Bela catchment, therefore, biosecurity measures are vital to prevent the introduction of the invasive American Signal Crayfish. American Signal Crayfish are not only larger and more vicious they also carry a plague which threatens the native White Clawed Crayfish.

For more information please have a look at our catchment maps.