Working Together Consultation

The Environment Agency has initiated the first consultation on the draft River Basin Management Plan (RBMP’s) which will be issued in 2021. The RBMP’s provide a framework for protecting and enhancing the water environment. The current North West RBMP was published in February 2016 and must be reviewed and updated by 2021. Starting from this year there will be three consultations which will help the Environment Agency shape the updated plans. This year the ‘working together’ consultation offers the opportunity to share you views on the work plan, timetable and process for how the Environment Agency will work together with stakeholders to review and update the river basin management plans in 2021.

The Environment Agency are currently seeking views on;

  • How other plans and strategies affect, or are affected by, River Basin Management Plans
  • The proposed timetable and content of the work programme to review and update the plans
  • Whether all relevant stakeholders have been identified
  • How people can get involved in the review and update of the plans.

The current consultation is open until 22nd December 2018. You can share your thoughts via the following link; River basin planning: working together – GOV.UK