Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas

We’d just like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and to thank everyone for their hard work and support this year.

As usual 2018 has been a busy year and we’ve packed a lot in from projects & community events to monitoring and future planning. Partners have delivered a number of projects including a partnership project between South Cumbria Rivers Trust and United Utilities to undertake catchment assessments in areas which are to be designated Drinking Water Safeguard Zones. A number of Natural Flood Management and other flood resilience projects have also been developed and are now being delivered. Furthermore, we have also developed good links with the University of Cumbria and now have a student researching risk pathways for the introduction of invasive non-native species. This is only a very small snap-shot but you can see the full picture via our catchment data portal

As a partnership we undertake on-going work to assess and understand the catchment of South Cumbria so that we can continue to develop projects and utilise resources for the benefit of people and wildlife.¬†Although it may seem a long time ago now, the summer of 2018 was particularly dry and this brought with it it’s own issues for the water environment. Subsequently, a lot of our monitoring was put on hold or we were unable to undertake any surveys, however, this information will be used to inform future monitoring and strategies. Thanks again to all our volunteers who continue to dedicate their time.

On-going work is undertaken to understand the projects being undertaken by a wide range of partners and to identify potential new opportunities. Keep an eye out to see what exciting project work we may have planned for 2019 or share with us what you would like to see for 2019.